About us

Fish and Feather has spent the last 30 years growing to become Melbourne's largest independent pet store!
Here at Fish And Feather, It's our goal to provide not only a large range of products, but to be able to give you the knowledge to make an informed decision prior to making a purchase.
Our staff are all amazing people, with a passion for animals, reptiles, birds or fish. We hire them for this reason. This is not just a job to them, they all actually have animals, reptiles or fish as their hobby or interest outside of work. You will find that our team members are actually excited about their workplace and enthusiastic about passing on their extensive knowledge to you, the customer.
We stock an extensive range of products for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rodents and Reptiles. In fact we stock way too many products to list here.
We also have an aquarium section that is over 500 sq. meters, which is larger than most stand alone aquariums. We carry a very impressive aquatic plant display and can boast having staff that are very much qualified in this area. Our aquarium staff have decades of fish keeping experience. We cater to either the high end marine specialists or aquascapers, to the budget fish keeper, with a nano tank. We have a fish vet for back up if we can not answer your queries on disease and we specialise in fixing water issues. We do free water testing and will give you a print out of your results and instructions to help you understand how to fix the issue.
We have added a professional grooming salon, open Tuesday to Saturday by appointment, and also have two DIY dog baths for public use, towels are provided. These are indoor in heated / air-conditioned comfort.
There is also a pet laundromat coin operated for your convenience. We will do your washing for you, if you wish and the machines are large enough for horse rugs.
We also do boarding birds, reptiles and small animals for our customers over long weekends and holidays. call us for current rates.
as you can see, we are far more than just a pet store... come in and visit and see why we have managed to be around for 30 years